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Products And Services
United International Security Investigative Services, Inc.
proudly serves these clients:

    Security/Related Services:
  • Manufacturing Industrial
  • Financial Institution
  • Office Building
  • Construction Sites
  • Colleges Universities
  • Government Facility
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Retail Industry
  • Convention Facility
  • Residential Community
  • Bodyguard/Escort/ Patrol
  • Commercial Plaza/Parking Enforcement

United International Security Investigative Services, Incorporated will select to provide you all these services (Products as needed) at a date acceptable to you. Over time, U.I.S.I.S.I. has proudly forged strong working relations with a variety of industries. This has been achieved by a partnership approach and robust company policies, which includes advance work, resource survey, country studies, emergency medical procedures, cultural diversity, and matters of social etiquette.

United International Security Investigative Services offers surveillance, investigation, security protective services for clients who seek special, security, Loss prevention, Consulting, and surveillance) measures. These services are aimed but are not limited to: Political figures, athletes, CEO’S, CFO, FOO, business leaders, senior management, celebrities, and/or anyone who are acquires additional security services and /or products.

We provide security surveys and risk assessments of your situations. This includes a detail threat analysis, consultation and of course our comprehensive security solution both professional and discrete. Our professional team posses a number of special skills which includes: multi-languages capabilities, ability to adapt to changing environments, proper judgments, observation, assessment, defensive skills, and the use of force when needed.

Combination of services: Static Patrol, Security Officer. Uniformed officers conducting foot patrols are in direct communication with our dispatch facility or supervisor on duty. Immediate interventions and notifications to proper authorities during emergency situations also command center support group is offered at no additional charge. The scope of assignments furnished is broad and includes Securing, Locking and unlocking of facilities doors or gates as needed as required by some client (s). Private property parking control enforcement, which includes issuing parking citations or /warning and contacting assigned towing company to take appropriate actions. U.I.S.I.S.I. (company) provides highly visible, marked patrol vehicles that will conduct random patrols of your facility. Patrol officers remain on site for fifteen minutes or more. We have the ability and the technology to serve all your needs in the field listed above.

More About Patrol:
United International Security Investigative Services, Inc.
Mobile patrol units are equipped with computerized guard tour checkpoint system, where downloaded activity data assures clients of effective operation policing. A computerized print out listing the date, time, and locations of the security officers after each routine check is made. Ask us also about our vehicles verification systems.

Gatehouse: Operation at the gatehouse, are often deals with high traffics because, the processing of a wide range of residents, staff, and visitors. U.I.S.I.S.I. professional team, are well trained with particular emphasis on multi-tasking people skills.
Parking Lot/ Commercial Plaza: Parking/Traffic Management: Do you have problems at your premises with illegal/thoughtless parking, or with general traffic management distractions? These increasing problems cause frustration to many owners/occupiers; also there may be health and safety implications, which cannot be ignored. Our highly visible staff is well trained to diplomatically ensure that these abuses are identified, recorded and not repeated.

Office Building: Assignments are located in public buildings and business premises, where a diplomatic and attentive approach is essential. U.I.S.I.S.I. (company) staff in these roles enjoys excellent relations with clients and consumers, primarily due to a flexible attitude towards responsibilities, where for example, a variety of routine pothering duties may also be undertaken.

United International Security Investigative Services officers who are taking these tasks are well trained and duly license as required by the law. There shall be no discrimination on account of disability, race, color, religions, nationality, ethnic origin, age, sex, or marital status. We are an equal opportunity employer and we always appoint, train, and develop on the basis of merit ability.
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5926 South Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32809
Tel: 407-992-9956 Fax: 866-888-7206 Toll Free 877-297-7036

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