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Investigative Services

Insurance Carriers, self – insured parties, and individuals can turn to United International Security & Investigative Services, Inc. to reduce and /or eliminate their Risk Management in Human Resources departments. Private Investigators from all over central Florida call on us when they are unable to locate their claimants or find out where their “disable” subjects are currently employed.
United International Investigative Services, Inc. uncover fraudulent claims whether national or international. Our agent can verify the veracity of claims made by insured parties, including Personal Injury Claim, Sexual Harassment, Automobile Injury /claims, and Workers’ Comp. Let us research subsequent employment, level incapacitation, participation in restrict activities, and previous claims.

Our investigators can find the residence and place of employment of claimants with area or area operating under an assumed identity. Special agents provide audio, video, or photograph, evidence of claimants engaging in activities that can be used to reveal fraudulent claims in legal proceedings. We shall provide medical pick-ups and activities checks for claimants.

Additional services are, pre-employment screening, surveillance, background investigation, and fingerprinting, witness statement /sworn & voluntary, tenant screening, Health care fraud, Consulting/ fraud determination, and asset location.

Our services are performed to the highest quality. Cases are handled with extreme confidentiality. Our research will provide you with the information and fact you need to make an informed decision in a timely manner.

Call or meet with us today for a free consultation to discuss your unique needs of our products and or services. Using our considerable expertise in the field of security guards, security patrol, executive protection, surveillance, and investigation services or products, we will provide a comprehensive solution in accordance with your specific circumstances.
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5926 South Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32809
Tel: 407-992-9956 Fax: 866-888-7206 Toll Free 877-297-7036

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