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Executive Protection

Our agents can provide a safe and secure environment in virtually any location, from departure to arrival. United special team wants you to know that your safety is our primary concern when your protection is our job. Anywhere you go, intra-state or international, by car, bus, plane, or ship, U.I.S.I.S.I. blends perfectly with you or an entourage, enhancing safety zone and making it difficult for anyone to potentially harm you. Whether you need a highly visibility security team to provide transit protection, or convert team of security specialists to enhance your accessibility to public, United International Security Team is the professional choice to provide the secure environment you desire. Equipped and professionally trained, your safety is assured with U.I.S.I.S.I.
How We Choose

Our agents, security officers, and or investigators are hand picked and trained by our elite in each related program. Each individual is selected based on their professional experience, exemplary skills, and ability to adapt to changing environments. Each employee or contractor must posses a number of special training skills, including but are not limited to: Defensive, observational, assessment, and proper judgment skills.

In addition, to protective measures, our agents and /or security guards are educated in a variety of subjects involve advance work, Use of force, Use of chemical agents, Resource surveys, country studies, Emergency medical procedures, driving techniques, legal aspect of security guard services, customers service, patrol concept, report writing, radio procedures, public relations, handling the media, and matters of social etiquette and culture diversity. These trainings enable our personnel to blend into a client’s environment and remain as unobtrusive, inconspicuous as possible. (Some of this training is provided in -house in addition to the state required training classes and license)
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5926 South Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32809
Tel: 407-992-9956 Fax: 866-888-7206 Toll Free 877-297-7036

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